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Fine Arts

Subject Source: Archiveswest

Found in 75 Collections and/or Records:

1807 Charcoal Portrait

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 2016-44

"A Mother's Worry" (Artist: Laura Mack)

 Unprocessed Material — ADVA-2010-14
Identifier: ADVA-2010-14-STOR
Dates: 2010

"Abakonawicz" (Artist: Mary Beth Hewon)

 Unprocessed Material — HOOV-2008-70
Identifier: HOOV-2008-70
Dates: 2008

"Ascensiontide Landscape" (Artist: Douglas Giebel)

 Unprocessed Material — ADVA-2008-61
Identifier: ADVA-2008-61-STOR
Dates: 2008

"Below the Surface" (Artist: Tim Timmerman)

 Unprocessed Material — HOOV-2009-24
Identifier: HOOV-2009-24
Dates: 2009

"Big Fish, Little Fish" (Artist: Laura Mack)

 Unprocessed Material — ADVA-2010-13
Identifier: ADVA-2010-13-STOR
Dates: 2010

"Box Car" (Artist: M.J. Margoto)

 Unprocessed Material — HOOV-2008-67
Identifier: HOOV-2008-67
Dates: 2008

"Canopy" (Artist: Tim Timmerman)

 Unprocessed Material — HOOV-2009-26
Identifier: HOOV-2009-26
Dates: 2009

"Central Station" (Artist: Michelle Livingstone)

 Unprocessed Material — HOOV-2008-72
Identifier: HOOV-2008-72
Dates: 2008

"Choice Observed" (Artist: Laura Mack)

 Unprocessed Material — ADVA-2010-18
Identifier: ADVA-2010-18-STOR
Dates: 2010